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Hohner Professional RR Custom im Originalzustand

Barn Find !

€ 795,00
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Local pick up
Noordscheschut, Niederlande
Meine Anzeige habe ich in Englischer Sprache , weil die deutsche Sprache für mich etwas schwieriger ist. Ich hoffe dass wird kein Problem sein.

The Hohner guitar that I have for sale was bought new by me in 1986. Unfortunately I never learned to play guitar, so it was barely used. After a while I forgot about it completely. This was untill last year when I rediscovered it, it turned out that the guitar was stored in my parents attic for almost thirty years. A real "barn find" so to speak. The guitar is still in it's original cardboard box, together with the original Hohner leaflets. For the last year it's on my sons bedroom wall for decoration. But now I decided to sell the guitar.
At the moment the guitar is not in tune, because the original thirty year old strings are still on ( the high E broke because of old age ). So it will need a new set of strings.
On the very end of the sharp tips there is missing an extremely small paintchip ( 5 by 2 mm ), hardly visible.

Back in the eighties it was one of the top guitars in the Hohner line up, and not
many of these around anymore I guess.
So it's a true collectors item and if you're interested in a totally original one this guitar could be the one.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to leave a message.

Because I'm a private seller the guitar is sold as is, without warranty.
Local pick up only.
Location is Noordscheschut, Netherlands just about a 2,5 hours drive from the
Dortmund/Koln area.

Guitar is like new, see the pictures.

Please feel free to make an offer!

Greetings Rene
SixtyFive, 01.12.20