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Ohm - Saturn 15 - Fullrange Boxen

-Wege-Lautsprecher, 60° x 40° rotierbar, mit 35 Hz - 22 kHz, 16 Ohm / 8 Ohm sowie 120 / 1200 Watt

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SATURN 15 is a high powered version of the SATURN 12 with 15" bass driver. Well, we couldn't resist the chance to make this just a little bit better than the SATURN 12 so we added a tad more bass to the mixture and got the -3dB point at the low end down to 35 Hz. When space is limited but real low frequency extension is needed, SATURN 15 is the one box solution.

A three way cabinet applying the concepts first developed for the Moon. OHM have optimised the component characteristics of this enclosure producing finely tuned system providing linear, bright, clear and efficient output down to 48 Hz and an average SPL of 136dB

Saturn is a fast 3-way loudspeaker system with proprietary 15" long stroke 4" coil bass low-mid driver. An integrated passive crossover connected to a 2" plus 1" neodymium coaxial compression mid-high driver mounted on a rotatable 60° x 40V CD horn providing exceptional full bandwidth performance.

Recommended Subwoofers are the BR-218B or HD-BB, used with the addition of the Cred Mk2 Controller.

Hardware fitted as standard: TH-1, CFPK
Optional Hardware: SS-1, CFEK
Connector Option: EP-5A

Impedance (ohms) AES Watts Programme Watts SPL 1W/1m (dB) MAX @1m (dB) Frequency Response (-3dB) Crossover Active Crossover Dispersion Horizontal x Vertical (°) Dimension HxWxD (mm) Weight (kg)

HF 16 150 300 116 139 55Hz-21kHz 7kHz - 700Hz 60 x 40 792 x 454 x 440 48

LO MID 8 875 1750 105 136 - 700Hz 110Hz"
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