4 Weeks Until The Sax World Conference!

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Ich weiß nicht, ob das für Euch interessant ist, aber auch solche Infos landen regelmäßig bei mir. Ich poste das jetzt einfach mal - vielleicht nimmt ja sogar einer von Euch daran teil?:

The World Saxophone Congress in Scotland is around the corner and we here at MusicMedic.com are busy preparing for it! Darrel has been polishing pliers, prepping tools, and assembling the new sickle blades that aren't even on the website yet. Let Curt know if you are interested in checking out a particular item and he may be able to add that item to Darrel's list! You can reach Curt at curt@musicmedic.com.

The congress is taking place in St. Andrews, Scotland, from July 10th to July 15th, 2012. You can find Curt at his booth in the St. Andrews Town Hall. First floor, booth number M5. He will be giving two mini clinics there, one on Thursday from 2-2:30pm, another one on Saturday from 4:30-5pm. Come and join him!

Curt is also part of a sax ensemble named Parabolico and will be performing on late Friday afternoon at the congress. You can read more about Parabolico here: http://www.wscxvi.com/IDbiog.php?ID=577

You can see this message and more at our website below:


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