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AC30BM by Mike Ryde -

In 2006 Vox released a limited edition (500 pieces) of the AC30 with Brian May specifications. It´s not in production anymore and curios, you can´t find any information about it on the official product history sites.
The AC30BM is very special with it´s features and usability. It´s built more or less only for Brian May and Queen fans to recreate that sound. It´s as close to Brian May´s AC30s as an unmodified AC30 never was before. His amplifiers were modified a lot by different techs over the years so the AC30BM only features a normal channel and it only has ONE knob, the volume control of this channel, no master volume, just a switch to change between the use of 4 power tubes (30W) or 2 power tubes (15W).
As it´s essential for Brian´s sound a foot-switchable treble booster was built in the amp.

So there´s nothing more to write about the features, but about known issues. It sometimes has a undertone (ghostnote) issue which can be corrected with some mods and most users suggest changing the stock Vox/Celestion Blues (chinese made) with newer production UK made Celestion Blues to get closer to the Queen sound. This is because the UK made uses the historic correct cone 53H1777 which gives a different sound.

Typical price was between:
AC30BM: ~2200 Euro
, differed a lot between stores (used ~1600 Euro)


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