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This is the newest handwired model of the AC30 launched in 2010. Some major changes were made compared to the last handwired heritage model.
Those were:

- Normal and Top Boost channel (no EF86)
- Bypassable master volume
- Different adjustment possibilities

The AC30HW is now "real" handwired in a solid quality. It also seems to have a higher quality level at all in comparison to the heritage amps. It´s more similar to the cheaper consumer models AC30C than the heritage model was, but basically features pure tonal improvements with and easier service. Maybe this amp is the best AC30 for touring at this time and more practicable than others and the only AC30 available as head. It´s delivered with a dust cover and a foot switch for hot/cool mode.


After a few month, some users reported an issue when using non ruby power tubes. With help of Vox UK and Donpaul McAllister and other Vox forum members they identified 4 resistors at the wrong place. Vox UK applied a fix by moving the resistors and took it into current production. Read all about it in this article (tube issue statement) and at this page (tube issue fix).

Typical price is between:
AC30HW2 (Greenbacks): ~1550 Euro
(used or demo model 1200-1300 Euro, hard to find) Some dealer offer discount on new AC30HWs,
AC30HW2X (Celestion Blue): ~1999 Euro (used 1600-1700 Euro even harder to find than HW2, but good as demo model)
AC30HWH (Head, no speakers): ~1299 Euro (used not yet seen)

Until now, used AC30HW are very hard to find. In our experience handwired models are not sold so much than the consumer models and therefore there will be less in auctions but maybe better to find as demo models in shops. Head version is less popular and is nearly not available in used condition.

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