Aktive PU weniger beeinflust vom Holz?Antwort direkt von EMG

von dogdaysunrise, 13.02.04.

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    Hier eine Anwort auf die ewige Frage ob aktive PUs weniger beeinflussbar sind vom Holz als passive, direkt von EMG, weil wir grad ne Diskussion im ESP Forum drueber hatten:

    Tone modeling is one of the procedures used here at EMG to get the best performance from a pickup in regards to it's Resonant Frequency.

    The resonant frequency is basically where the pickups "sounds" best. It's where the pickup has the most response, harmonics, and most output. It's different for every type of pickup that we make here.

    When it comes to the type of wood used in a fretted instrument, it's hard for me to say. Some woods sound bright, and some sound dark. I have EMG's in 7 of my guitars, but they do not all sound the same or "sterile" ; ) The wood used, IMHO, is not quite as much of a factor in the tonality of an instrument as it is when compared to passive pickups.

    Hope this helps.

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    Rick Hunt
    Tech Support
    EMG Pickups
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