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von crisis never end, 18.12.05.

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    Studio Report:
    "It is done! The new Crisis Never Ends full length "A Heartbeat Away" is recorded and the result is overwhelming. It took us over a month to bring this monster of metalpiece to life but the outcome justifies every second and every drop of sweat we put in this album. We are more than satisfied with the cooperation of Crisis and our producer Vagelis Maranis who pushed our sound and skills to the limit. Eleven songs, together more than 40 minutes of hardcore-anger merging with metal-madness and heartbreaking melodies will leave you speechless.This masterpiece goes definitely more than one step beyond the horizon of most of todays metalcore bands. So be prepared." If you want to take a look at the studio check: . You will be able to preview the new songs in end of December at our myspace site:


    Album news:
    The new Album will be released through Beniihana-Records in beginning of March 2006. It will be named “A HEARTBEAT AWAY”! Expect 11 Songs full of hardcore-energy mixed with metal-madness.

    Video Shooting:
    Crisis Never Ends did a Video-shooting in early December for the song “Friends Like You” from their upcoming album “A Heartbeat Away”. You may have a look at the result soon on our homepage…
    Thanx to Patrick at

    Tour news:
    Crisis Never Ends is scheduling their shows for 2006 right now. They will play a release tour through Europe from 10th to 26th of February which will be booked by Avocado-Booking. Get in touch to get these catchy guys…

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