Fender Hot Rod Deluxe/Deville footswitch Reverb mod

von rhfaktor, 10.03.08.

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    Habe schon seit längerem einen Fender Hot Rod Deluxe und fand es immer schade, dass man den Reverb nicht per Footswitch On/Off schalten kann.
    Nun, jetzt geht es. Mit nur wenig Kosten- und Zeitaufwand.
    Ich zitiere jetzt den Text aus einer anderen Seite, ist leider auf englisch (siehe unten; habe keine Zeit es zu übersetzen). Habe es selbst ausprobiert, funktioniert ganz gut.

    So, hier ist es:
    "I am familiar with your amp, and Fender 1, 2 and 3 button footswitches. Before I forget, here's the type of switch you want, or will need:


    Your Fender reverb tank which is made by Accutronics Inc. or Sound Enhancements Ltd. has 2 RCA jacks or inputs - and they're female, of course. The jacks are female?

    I've never heard this question asked yet, but YES it is possible, in several ways to modify with a footswitch. I could explain more quickly if you wanted to go inside the amp and make modifications to your chassis, and hard-wire a jack (your choice RCA or modern 1/4" pin), and doing it in the pan is even easier. But let's assume, that you want to do it cleaner yet, without a mod.

    So let's try a totally non-invasive installation. We've just done it here tonight, dissassembling an amp and testing cords & viability and I know it works. Yeah, I needed the kid's input, to keep me on my toes? Really, I like it when the young ones are hands-on and involved. That's why it took so long.

    Go to your Radio Shack or a good Car Audio sales/installation place with a diagram, and ask them, "What if?" If they don't have an answer, buy a "Y" cord as follows, and believe me, if it doesn't work, take the "Y" back - it could be faulty. It is not supposed to transmit current or create a bypass until the circuit is connected, or it is switched.

    Seriously - get yourself a piece of paper, and draw this: first, it is based on the fact that you will be unplugging just ONE of the RCA's cleanly from your tank, and bring it out through the hole in the vinyl, and stick another one (with a male RCA end) that you have bought through the hole into the tank. One RCA is red, that's reverb input and is the furthest and most inconvenient. The reverb out, technically the "reverb modified signal" is the one you want to tap into, and it is the closest, at the opposite end from the other. Your reverb will have 2 springs by the way, each one consisting of 2 shorter springs, joined in the middle. If you tried 3 long (or 6 joined) springs, you might like it even better?

    You should remove the whole pan, and it is much less of a pain if you patiently take care in removing the rear panel of the amp - 6 screws. Then you don't touch ANYTHING inside, even if the amp is OFF or UNPLUGGED! That amp packs a wallup and is deadly, with stored energy inside. Also, try to use only one hand - no joke again. Two hands allow shock to your heart. Always best to work on a proper grounding mat, or at least with one leather glove or a hand in your pocket.

    Draw your schematic with the "Y" containing only one male, plugged into the tank, where you removed a cable. Focus next on the two empty females in that cord. Connect either female end with the male-ended cord that comes from your amp's chassis (it is the return signal), and connect your all-new, spiffy vintage-looking 1 button switch to the other female. There you have it.

    If you ask the shop guys, as I said, they may doubt that this works, or just not know. It is based on the fact that the 2 female ends to not pass current between them until the unit is switched on. Occasionally, a bad or improperly-made cord makes an inappropriate connection. We have tested and found that, rarely. So, with just one "Y" and the switch that you can either buy or make, you're good to go.

    When you're done the wiring part, fit the 2 reverb pan screws through the vinyl bag and through their original holes in the cardboard base to preserve value and originality. Also, I mark every piece of equipment with an initial, code or identification of some type while inside, for security to deter theft, if that's possible.

    Good luck and let the boys and girls know how you've made out, in this venture of a different kind.

    Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition. Let there be ROCK!!!"

    Bei mir, eigentlich nur ein kleines rauschen, was aber sicher zu beheben ist.
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