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von OliverKing, 02.07.08.

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    Mahlzeit in de Runde !

    Ich habe eine schicke Gitarre entdeckt und das zu einem klasse Preis, bei Ebay wird das Ding zwischen € 700.-- und € 900.-- gehandelt. Für mich besteht die Möglichkeit die Gitarre für € 270..- zu erwerben. Ist zwar keine riesige Summe, aber ich habe schon genug Katzen im Sack gekauft und die ganzen Besuche beim Gitarren Doc sind ganz schön happig.

    Mein gute Seele in Japan ist leider nicht zu erreichen.


    Was mich stutzig macht ist aber die tatsache das noch niemand auf das teil geboten hat und die google Übersetzung wie immer nichts aussagt, hat jemand eine Idee was gemeint sein könnte ?

    Alia Ⅱ ES345 professional type. 。 But it is rare, adapt points, get disabled. 0.5。 → body binding is not a point to 0.5-millimeter-wide floating away. (ALLPARTS社)Pu 5F。 Pick guard outside (ALLPARTS companies) Pu amateur wiring connection (with traces of many times removed) PU cover stockout 5F POJISHONINREI eyes missing. 。 Correspondingly, the overall equation wounds, scars strokes. 。 For more than junk and other bon appétit. 。 The sound effects. 。 II → point that OMOU stereo wiring. 。 Never used it in stereo. 。 Jack using the mono. 。 Jack to plug all the waste and sound from the rear. 。 So, I guess, but it's stereo wiring. 。 Old BATCHIRI-laden atmosphere. 。 Baritone I think are probably working on the correct baritone have not heard, well I do not understand. 。 Excuse me, did not effective. 一。 The sound at first glance. PU「PATPEND NO.027899」。 At the time of the original PU PU like Gibson's, "T" in character (T BAKKA?) The back "PATPEND NO.027899" stamp

    Babelfish hat es so übersetzt:

    It is aria professional offering/accompanying ES345 type. They are rare ones, but the remodelling point, there is the disability consent. The useless point -> body binding has floated entirely about 0.5 millimeters. Pick guard has been lacking the imitation (ALLPARTS corporation) Pu wiring amateur wiring (the mark which many degrees is removed to be) the PU cover defect item 5F eye position in ray. Entirely the year type fit scar, there is a nick. Because above you make the junk. Sound comes out. It can repel. You think that the [ii] point -> it is stereo wiring. Even one time you have not used with the stereo. Raising the jack, you used with monaural. When the jack everything is inserted, sound does not come out of the rear. Because is, perhaps it continues to be stereo wiring. The old [tsu] [po] it is, atmosphere perfect. You think that also the baritone perhaps has been effective, but because you have not inquired about the correct baritone you do not understand well. When it does not have to have been effective. Sound changes once. As for PU being original, like Gibson of that time PU, there is the letter "of T";, (T [batsuka]? ) There is the stamp "of PATPEND NO.027899"; on back. 
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