Jack the Jackaroo

von Ellis D., 07.07.05.

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    ich hab hier noch nen text, so´ne kleine Geschichte, und da wollt ich mal fragen, was ihr davon haltet, evtl. Fehler zu finden oder so...oder mir einfach sagen, wie ihr ihn insgesamt findet:)
    Musikstil ist so im Country- Western Stil, zwischen jeder Strophe kommt eine kleine Gitarrenmelodie (Ich hab ihn auch schonmal aufgenommen, also wenn ihn sogar jemand hören will kann ich ihn mal irgendwo hochladen)

    Jack the Jackaroo

    Jack the Jackaroo, a cowboy in Australia
    Went ridin off his ranch to watch his cattle graze
    he rode through great plains and the lonesome Outback
    smoked a cigarette and was pretty amazed

    out in the Wilds he met a girl who drank coffee
    sittin by the fire, she was smokin, too,
    she invited him to stay, even offered some food,
    and introduced herself as Jane, Jane the Jillaroo

    He said "i need to find my cattle, i once left it here"
    he took a look around but found no trace of his cows,
    she answered calm and slowly, so she got his attention,
    "Well how should they survive without some gras to browse?"

    This idea jane spoke out loud curdled Jacks blood
    and he turned to that young girl with a paralysed face
    "yeah, you´re damn right, how could i be so corny?
    I should have known i left them here dying of thirst......"

    He sat down on his butt and lit a cigarette,
    thought about his mistakes he did as Jackaroo
    "Now i´m ruined and poor, without my cattle i´m dead"
    he spoke to himself and shot a round in his head.

    Jane, the Jillaroo watched him commiting suicide
    then she put out the fire and left him laying near by,
    she saddled his horse and rode to his drove
    Yeah, Jane you lied to jack and now his cattle is yours

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