Mal was von mir, bitte bewerten!

von Kubusimschulbus, 14.07.05.

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    Mal was von mir.

    War cry

    Strophe 1a)
    You thought all the things are growing in your way
    But at the end nothing is what it seemed to be
    We got to fight against our destiny

    Live in peace or die in misery
    That´s the choice you have to take
    So take the chance to erase all mistakes

    Your wings were cut off before you learned to fly
    You say you know everything
    You say life´s easy but you are blind

    Strophe 1b)
    When you think there´s nothing left
    Search for the right way
    You got to turn around
    Even when there´s no hope
    Rip your chains apart
    Maybe it seems to hard
    But if we fight together
    Yor life´s not a one way trip

    Our time to rise
    Our time to fight
    Our time to rise
    Our time to fight
    All together we stand strong in the fire all night long
    All together in this army our aim´s our enemy

    Strophe 2a)
    For you it´s normal and nothing else
    For me it´s darkness inside yourself
    It´s time to tear these walls down

    But if you aren´t willing to try
    To stand up and open your mind
    Break free or die in misery

    Join this group to go the right direction
    We will help you on your way
    The force is growing,no need to pray!

    Strophe 2b)
    When all light starts to die
    Search for your real friends
    We burn their justice now
    With the fire of our sound
    In your hearts it starts to live
    That´s the one thing we have to give
    Their system built on hatred
    The field will be coloured blood red

    und hier ma so zum Fun was "Böses"

    Burning flesh

    Everything will be filled with blood
    My collection of bodyparts grows
    More bones more eyes more brains
    More dead bodys kept in chains
    Your blood runs down the walls
    We only hear these painful calls
    No justice just pain and hate
    This massacre is our fate

    The warriors walk into the battle
    Bloodred fields and death
    All I see all I want My hands in your chest
    Do you feel Do you smell all the burning flesh
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