Music From Brazil And Around The World

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    Guitarist/Composer Peter Griggs has performed throughout the USA, Germany and the United Kingdom, as well as in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Iceland, Canada and Egypt, at concert halls, art centres, festivals, museums, universities, cafes, clubs and other venues.
    His solo guitar program features his own compositions, Brazilian music including Bossa Nova and Choro, Spanish classical and Nuevo Flamenco, Jazz, Blues and selections from his CD "Children of the Amazon."
    He has recorded on Folkways Records, Music of the World and Treecastle Music. His soundtracks have been heard on W-Net Television New York, National Public Radio USA and the World-Wide Video Festival The Hague, Netherlands.
    listen to the music:
    A kind of journey set to music by Peter Griggs that is as clear and mysterious as the dance itself.
    - Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times –
    His music sometimes shimmers along almost like Debussy.
    - Tom Johnson, The Village Voice –
    A beautiful recording of world music.
    - John Schaeffer in his book New Sounds –
    An absolutely superb guitar performance by Mr. Griggs.
    - Brad Biondo, AfterTouch –
    Subtle nuevo flamenco guitar stylings...Griggs guitar adds just the right touch.
    - Bill Binkelman, Wind Wire -
    Stunning in its intensity, "Children of the Amazon" will take you on a journey into your own imagination."
    - Kathy Parsons, Solo Piano Publications -
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