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von markfast, 22.12.07.

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    Hallo zusammen,
    das hier ist aus dem Line6 Forum. Falls jemand die Dual Tones Demos von der Webpage haben möchte bitte schön.

    Schöne Weihnachten

    Okay guys -- here's a link to download my Dual Tones Bundle:

    Save it to your desktop with a right-click on PC or Control-click on Mac. Then launch Monkey with your X3 connected and follow these instructions:
    a.Click the Backup and Restore tab
    b.Click Advanced...
    c.Click the Choose button and navigate to the SpiritguitarDualTones Bundle on your desktop
    d.Select radio button "Only User Banks" and from the dropdown menus select 21 to 26
    e.On the right, select TO "Starting at: 21A"

    Banks 21 thru 26 should load into your X3 Banks 21 thru 26. These are the same as my Flash demo. You may need to adjust overall levels, or tweak for your particular guitar -- most are fairly even. If you want to load them into different Banks, just select different destination Banks in Step e above.

    FYI, this Bundle is essentially the latest Factory Bundle, except I've added my Presets in Banks 21 thru 26 plus I edited 5A and 5B. So you should already have the other Presets, and therefor don't need to load the whole Bundle.
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