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von Gast8590, 03.09.06.

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    Kann mir jemand sagen, wo ich Noten, Melodie, chords, tabs oder sonstwas zu folgendem Sück finden kann?

    Cyril Tawney: "On a monday morning"

    Habe das Stück einmal à capella live in nem Irish Pub gehört - keine Ahnung, ob es im Original auch à capella ist oder nicht.

    Die Lyrics habe ich im Netz schon gefunden:

    On a Monday Morning
    (Cyril Tawny)

    Too soon to be out of me bed,
    Too soon to be back to this bus queue caper,
    Fumbling for change for me picture paper,
    On a Monday morning.

    Oh, where has the weekend gone?
    Oh, where are the wine and the beer I tasted?
    Gone the same way as the pay I wasted,
    On a Monday morning.

    If only the birds were booze,
    If only the sun was a party giver,
    If I could just give someone else me liver,
    On a Monday morning.

    My lover she lies asleep,
    My lover is warm, and her heart is mellow,
    I'd give the whole world just to share her pillow,
    On a Monday morning.

    Schönen Gruß Martin
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