Starter kit for my Vintage Sonor Collection.

von lunarsnare, 07.07.09.

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    Since I live in Sonor country now its about high time to take advantage that. :)

    This sweet little honey arrived yesterday fresh from Ebay Deutschland for a song and dance.
    She is a 1950s Sonor Galaxy 14 x 5.
    These chubby little teardrop lugs are the pre-runner of the much more elegant "stiletto"; style lugs of the 60s
    And she's missing 3 of them and the strainer/ butt-end and a hoop …..
    But that won't be too hard to find overtime.
    I've been doing restoration work for several avid Vintage collectors here in Europe and made friends in the interim leaving me confident that I can refit her with the original parts over time….no hurry.
    Trick out the bearing edges and snare-bed but retain the original shape, just making it perfect without infringing on the authenticity of the design.
    However, I am wresting with myself about the wrap.
    It's in OK shape considering the years, but …..well, you can see for yourself.
    Authenticity or stunning looks, especially after all the original hardware shines again.,,,Hmm?

    For me this is a little piece of drum history to have and to hold and a fun project to boot.
    First pix straight out of the box. :D



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