Thorn - melodic Metalsong mit Deathanleihen

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recht heftige Nummer zwischen Evergrey und COB (etwa 6min lang)
Der Song dreht sich um Rivalität, ihre Begleitumstände und schließlich den tiefen Fall.
Meine Frage: Gibt es am TZext was auszusetzen? Was haltet ihr vom Text?


Would you stop, your smile's a fake
Gesture you pushed up, I won't take
Take the scorn you spit in my face
Cause both of us fell from grace

I can see, traces of tears
Around your eyes shadows of fears
You try to veil behind your grin
But your armor is too thin

Your golden cup lies broken
No words need to be spoken
The hero failed, the hero's gone
Lord of fools, no more number one

Plans fail and dreams die, sometimes they're meant to be
Sink your fist in your mirror, to avoid the man you see
Don't curse the wrong for roads meant to wind
Eye for an eye until everyone is blind

All the lies, told to your friends
The rivalry, that stained your hands
Rose your weapon started the fight
Gained nothing than pain each night

Every little scar, it hurts
But not the hard way that do words
Send me an army send a tank
Close your eyes jumpf off the plank

Your medals silently rust
Laughter turned your hope to dust
The hero failed, the hero cried
The champion lost, number one died

Always used to success a fastidious child
Got bought this little life, but see this world is rough and wild
Selfish intensions - dishonest kind
Eye for an eye until everyone is blind

How can you dare to say I'm wrong
You neither no me nor my song
You place the blame on me to gain
An excuse for all your gained pain
I'm not that sunbeam blinding thee
Your own mistakes cause agony
I'm a shade so step aside
And see I'm not the blinding light

Deny the sweat, tears, the war
But it's there it's placed in the core
Deep into you, under the shell
Come on blink to hide your hell

A splinter you cannot see
A piece of hate your misery
Cut yourself deep and cry all day
No chance to get it away

Your friends all turn away
Watch your lies silent decay
Once you have known to blind the mass
Now the throne breaks under your ass

Plans fail and dreams die, sometimes they're meant to be
That stage on which we're acting, broken away from thee
Selfish intensions, but now you cry
Everyone's blind with a thorn in the eye

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