We want to play Germany!!

von sosafax, 16.12.05.

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    I am a 53 year old singer/songwriter with a growing music career. I dream of playing throughout Europe and in particular the great cities of Germany. We are offering three free downloads of songs from my CD, "You Only Live Twice". These songs have reached #1 on various internet music charts and are being played on internet and broadcast radio stations across the USA and around the world. Please visit my website, join my Friends list, and then you can download my songs. We only ask for a name and email address. Submit more info if you desire. My music is compared to Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Vince Gill.
    I am proud of the growing popularity of my music and I am very fortunate to have a career singing for people. I hope I may sing one day for you and I ask my friends in Europe to please take a moment to hear my work and tell your friends. I am coming to see you one day and we are going to rock!! I hope you enjoy the songs.
    Tim Brummett, ASCAP
    Christandar Records
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