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3Leaf Audio - Proton Envelope Filter

neueste Version 3

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A modern homage to the legendary Mutron III.

The Mutron III envelope filter was a staple of 1970′s funk and soul music that shaped the sounds of Bootsy Collins, Stevie Wonder and Jerry Garcia among others. But as good as the Mutron sounded, it was not without its problems. It was huge and required a special power supply, and it had a sensitivity control that changed your volume when you kicked it on. Then there’s the price – originals routinely fetch $500 or more on eBay!
The new Proton envelope filter contains the essence of what made the old Mutron sound so good, without all of the drawbacks of the original. It’s small, it runs on a standard 9-18v DC power supply (no battery), and it won’t change your volume when you kick it on. But most importantly, it sounds FUNKY. With its simple control layout, you can easily dial in the slurpy, wet filter sounds of the original. Set the sensitivity with the GAIN control and the resonance with the PEAK control, and you’re good to go! It also features high and low range positions, lowpass and bandpass modes, and a sweep reverse. It has a wide sensitivity range that will drive active or passive instruments, and the filter range is such that it will sound great on guitar, bass, and whatever else you can throw at it.
Note: the Proton does not come with a power supply. It is compatible with any standard 9-18v center-negative supply (“Boss-style”).
The 3Leaf Audio Proton Envelope Filter is smooth and funky. The Proton filter is perfect for vintage quack or synthy sweeps. The Proton filter is extremely responsive and smooth. Avoid the eBay markup and get your Mutron on today with the 3Leaf Audio Proton Envelope Filter.
The musicians at 3 Leaf Audio always fancied the sound of the Mu-Tron III, but as far as attainability for the modern musician goes, the Mu-Tron was quite out of reach. So the 3 Leaf Audio Proton was born, as a modernized take on the original Mu-Tron III design, ridding it of tone suck, volume drop and making the 3 Leaf Audio Proton affordable for musicians everywhere. The 3 Leaf Audio Proton features gain and peak knobs, along with 3 switches for sweep reversal, range, and low or bandpass making your envelope filter experience tweakable as ever, with the ability to bring you the classic slurpy wet tone you've always dreamed of.
3Leaf Audio Proton v3 Envelope Filter Features:

  • Tone knob for fine control over the filter sweep
  • Increased sensitivity range for better compatibility with low-output instruments
  • Phase-correct output for predictable use in blend pedal signal chains
  • No volume drop
  • Simple control layout
  • Lowpass and bandpass modes
  • 9 Volt operation
  • Rugged construction
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