'Early Mornings, Late Nights, and Long Roads

von dylbmusic, 04.09.16.

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  1. dylbmusic

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    Thanks for being open enough to let me share some tunes with you.

    I'm on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/dylanbriscall

    All the songs on Early Mornings, Late Nights, and Long Roads were written and composed by me and were produced by Joel Kazmi--who’s worked with artists like The Tea Party, Rush, N’sync, Sum 41, and Anne Murray.

    If you don't want to listen that is absolutely cool and if you can recommend some new music or mention any great shows you've seen lately, that would be great.

  2. rbschu

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    Hi Dylan,
    Love Like You: Very nice song/demo (is a demo?), harmonic tune, good backings, yet I feel your voice does not perfectly fit in this song. You sound too young, better your voice does. This does not mean that I critizise the voice as each and every note is correct but I would prefer another singer here, a darker voice with less vibrato. The percussion seems to be a little bit to much in the foreground, especially the snaps. Okay, I admit I am not listening using my studio monitors but only the Logitech speakers (+ subwoofer), that usually sound quite clean and satisfactory. So I guess this track may be missing some midrange frequencies. Highs are enough and bass is okay but on this equipment I`m using the songs sounds a but sharp, if you understand what I mean.

    Constellations: I had a flash of hearing Cat Stevens through your voice this time. The voice matches better than in Love Like You. Again this appears to be a very harmonic tune with a suitable instrumentation... The 'sharpness' I noticed in the previous track does not appear here.

    Someone Worth Lovin: This one is not memorable for me... Why? - it enters my left ear, rushes through that something in between the left and right ear and off it goes. :-/

    Generally speaking for the users her it would have been interesting to get to know you and the equipment you used a bit better. Where did you record these tracks? At home? Which DAW do you use, etc. And above all, you seem to present these as demos??? Are they? They sound too perfect for demos in my opinion. What will you change, add or eliminate when doing the official/final tracks for an album?

    Best regards from Germany,
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