Horizon / Medusa

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Und direk 2 weitere Lyrics für Tipps und Feedback sowie kritik sehr dankbar beide noch nicht ganz fertig!

Horizon :

It's time to leave and go on a journey
Seek and search for the sence of life without returning.
The sun shines right in your face, is a new day on a new way
Leave the past behind.
It takes time to understand things which don't seem clear
Take a look into the sky and you'll see the answers are here!

The clouds are leading you
The Horizon shows you what you want to see
Follow him and he puts you through
Step on the ship and across the seven seas
Let everything behind it's time to go a new way.

Your Eyes are shut, everything is dark
The sky changes it's face like life itself
It is my new home
Put your trust into no matter what happens you are not alone.

The rain is poring down your face like the first tears
Don't be scared he takes all of your fears
We start to sink as we hit the ice,
Face the Horizon and remember the best moments of your life

These moments will retain
Thoughts and memories will rise
Close your eyes
the horizon wont let you down.



So here she goes again
Taking all she needs & leave you all in chains
but my stoned heart will survive this fight
couse it wont bust it will remaine

Youre just a fucking Whore
Always aiming for your next highscore
but all these cheats and all these lies
will make you to the one who cries

so here i stand again
shooting at your heart that didnt exists
you wanted me to die for you
but this wont work couse youre dismissed

Im Screaming at the top of my voice
cause i wont be the next one to fall for you
i´m looking through you
and i dont need you
so tonight you will die in front of me

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