Avenging Angel

von Moerchen, 16.04.08.

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    hab hier mal einen Text meiner Band und wollte fragen, was ihr so davon haltet.
    Die ersten beiden Strophen, sowie der Refrain werden relativ ruig gesungen, der Rest ist härter.
    Musikstil ist ein Mix aus Power/Heavy/Thrash Metal.

    Avenging Angel pt. 1 (The Resurrection)

    One year ago, in the night of the devil,
    I still remember the night that I fell
    This gang of thugs, who thought they were rebels
    Made my death a living hell
    Now I’ve returned, it’s the Devil’s Night again,
    Rain pours down and wash’s away the decay
    I’ll seek justice in the place where it all began,
    ‘cause it can’t rain all the day
    it can’t rain all the day

    I was murdered but I’ll get my revenge
    Until I’m done, forever I’ll stay
    But it’s my angel that I need to avenge
    They made her suffer, I’ll make them pay
    The crow assist’s me, she’s my eye in the skies above
    She sees more than I ever may
    I won’t find rest until I finally return, my love,
    ‘cause it can’t rain all the day
    no, it can’t rain all the day

    I am the stalker of the night
    Avenging angel by my side
    Soaring high up in the sky
    She’s my conscience and my eye

    Darkness holds my hand
    As I tear into the night
    Violence at my command
    I can feel their mortal fright
    I can see them
    I can feel them

    Vengeance is mine to take
    My only guidance is the crow
    I will make their bodies break
    Feel my anger, feel it grow
    Feel my anger
    Fuel my hatred


    Burning, I will leave you there
    I will hunt you, I will kill
    There is no escape, I swear
    You will kneel before my will
    I will find you
    I will kill you

    Running won’t help you, fool
    I am all around you now
    Damnation, just like hell so cruel
    I will get revenge somehow
    Hear my name now
    Eric Draven

    Avenging Angel
    The Life I never had
    Avenging Angel
    The words I never said
    Fly into the sky
    Avenging Angel

    Murder is your human shame
    I’ll bring you suffering and pain
    Top Dollar is the one to blame
    Too many innocent’s were slain
    Too much madness
    Time for justice
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