Axe FX Standard durch Torpedo Live (Metal Clip)

von Lasse Lammert, 15.02.16.

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    Aufbauend auf meinen letzten Thread mit den Custom IRs hier nun der nächste Schritt in Richtung Soundverbesserung für's AFX Std/Ultra.
    Sorry für den Englischen Text, aber ich copy/paste den Text erstmal aus yt, da ich gerade keine Zeit zum Übersetzen habe:

    I know many of you have the old Axe FX Standard or Ultra and are GASsing hard for an Axe II or even a Kemper....
    but despair not!
    The amp models in the Axe FX Standard and Ultra are actually really good...the cabs on the other hand not so much.
    And that's where most of the sonic superiority of the Axe FX II comes from.
    Here's a killer solution for you: skip the cab section of your Axe Standard altogether and run it into the lovely @two notes Torpedo or CAB (or if you're only looking for a recording solution you could as well use the WoS III plugin). That way you can use the really good sounding amps and effects of your old axe FX and get killer and realistic sounding guitar tracks without having to spend a fortune on the new AFX II.
    You're welcome :*

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