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ja mich würde das gute stück auch sehr interessieren! klingt echt sehr aufregend!!! weiß denn niemand was darüber? :confused:
tja he, klingt echt interessant. gibt es nirgens hörproben? habe leider auf die schnelle keine gefunden.
ja stimmt daran hab ich gar nicht gedacht! ich glaube dass eine review dass ich gefunden habe ist wohl am besten:

Sound Quality: 10
Before I go into my glowing review, let me say that I just can't understand why people buy this box thinking there going to get a phaser then complain that the phasing isn't intense enough - true, this box has some phasing capabilities but they're there to combine with other parameters to yeild a Leslie sound or rich vibrato. If you want a real phaser, then go buy an MXR Phase 90.

I've tried many effects that try to simulate a Leslie rotating speaker and this one is the best in my opinion. What's amazing about this box is how slow it will 'rotate'. I knew someone in the 70's who had a Leslie cabinet and I know what they sound like. The problem with most boxes that try to emulate a rotating speaker is that they don't do the volume swell and drop as the speaker faces away from you and then returns facing you, nor do they do enough pitch variation for the doppler effect (remember your middle school science class? the classic text book example is you're stopped at a railway crossing and as the train approaches the engineer lays on the horn and just before the train passes in front of you, the pitch of the horn rises (goes sharp) and just after it passes, the pitch drops (goes flat)) Well, this box lets you control these parameters. Let me go over them from as they're layed out: SPEED-as I've said, can go incredibly slow and very fast as well; DEPTH-this controls the amount of volume drop-out, from no drop-out at all to almost complete drop-out cycling with the LFO speed you dialed in; DOPPLER-as I've described, this is the amount of pitch variation to immitate the doppler effect of a sound source in motion relative to a fixed point (in phasing, this is referred to as sweep depth); IMAGE-amount of filtered output sent back into the all-pass filter (known as regen., feedback, or resonance) this adds resonance and timber to make the effect more pronounced (with this turned down, the phase effect has warbbled vowel sounds, with it turned up, it sounds more pronounced with a bit of nasal resonance).

With these four parameters, and I should add that for once DOD named them appropriately, they all do as they're labeled (perhaps Image could have been named Res.), I can really do a very acurate job of immitating a Leslie: from EXTREMELY slow panning sounds to moderate speeds of lush swirling sounds to fast whirling trippy sounds. Again, I have to comment on the beautiful and gradual swell and decay of volume modulation that this box can do - it sounds just like a rotating speaker that slowly approaches facing you and then continues on its 360 journey away from you and returns back to facing you -- you combine this very realistic swell and decay with the slight doppler effect and phasing that's associated with a moving sound source, and you have, my friend, a very realistic model of a Leslie cabinet.

(Let me comment on the point that some people have made about this pedal reducing your tone, cutting highs, etc... The highs are actually reduced according to how you have the resonance (Image) set. This is all part of a true rotating speaker folks -- do a little test: go plop down in front of your stereo and pay attention to the highs, now get up and walk over to the speaker cabinents and turn them 180 degrees so they are no longer facing you, play the same song and listen for the highs -- they're not very crisp are they? Sound a little muffled? That's because the very directional highs are no longer aimed at your face, but rather a wall, curtains, other space, etc... so what you're hearing is reflected highs, not direct highs; hence they are going to sound flat and dull, turn the cabinets another 180 and you're back to your crisp highs. So, if you are trying to emulate a rotating speaker, this cycle of dulling/crisping highs should be part of your equation, and this pedal does that.)

Das Teil ist somit anscheinend ein echt guter leslie simulator! Es kann aber auch einen Vibrato oder einen Phaser effekt erzeugen!
der vibrato effekt scheint wirklick voll und gut zu klingen wobei der phaser alleine anscheinend eher schlecht klingt aber deswegen kauft man ja das pedal auch gar nicht!
(zitat: "the phasing isn't intense enough - true, this box has some phasing capabilities but they're there to combine with other parameters to yeild a Leslie sound or rich vibrato"

edit: den effekt werde ich mir aufjedenfall irgendwann mal zulegen! schon allein vom preis und von den möglichkeiten her kann man ja fast nichts falsch machen!
Genau ich glaub ich hol mir den auch einfach mal, für 50 Euro kann man ja echt net viel falsch machen

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