Musikvideo Behind your fear - Wintersun (u.a. Ex-Flowing Tears,Ex-Dronenreich, Ex-Melechesh members)

von timonac, 06.07.20.

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    hier mal ein Video zu "Wintersun" von Behind your fear, ein Song aus der Debut-EP "Ophelia"

    Diese ist sowohl auf CD (Digi) als auch Vinyl erschienen. und wurde gemischt und gemastert in der "Rinkowsky Suite" von Marcel Sude.
    Genre - Dark/Alternative Rock würde ich mal sagen :)

    eine kurze Bandbio:

    "In 2015, T.(Crimson Moon) contacted Stefanie, who he had known from her days in the band Flowing Tears, which was one of the first bands that combined melancolical metal with clear female vocals. Flowing Tears has in the past, toured with legends of the metal scene such as The 3rd and the Mortal and Tiamat; when those bands have reached their peak.
    T asked Stefanie if she would be interested in working with him on some songs, and thus the seed was planted for legendary music to be bornfrom.
    The idea behind it was to provide a new possibility for the unmistakable voice of Stefanie, to create the perfect setting for the unique musical style; as well as the impossibility to live without music. The first riffs were written quickly, nevertheless we took the necessary time to find the right musicians;
    Scorpios(Crimson Moon, ex-Melechesh, ex-Ancient) and Michael (studio drummer on two Dornenreich records) that would help develop our own, unique sound, to write songs and merge all of the necessary ingredients into a perfect symbiosis.
    Each song is purely dictated by the inner feeling, and because of this aspect; the songs range from fragile and intimate piano parts to complete walls of sound, enveloping every sense. A pure essence of the heart.
    After "Ophelia" was released, we started to look for a fitting guitarist, to be able to perform live in the near future too, and it was found in Moritz.
    All of these led into one musical entity......... Behind Your Fear."

    Wem es gefällt, dem hänge ich hier einfach einmal den Spotify Link zum Debut "Ophelia" an

    Viele Grüße
    gefällt mir nicht mehr 2 Person(en) gefällt das
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