Artikel: Mark Mortons Signature-Pickup von Dimarzio: der DiMarzio Dominion

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DiMarzio stellt gerade seinen neuen Tonabnehmer vor. Lamb of gods Gitarrist Mark Morton hat hier seinen Sigature-Pickup bekommen, den DiMarzio Dominion.


The best way to know how well a pickup will perform is to play it in the real world. That's exactly what Mark Morton did. He toured and recorded in Lamb of God with Dominion™ pickups in his main guitars for over two years. Mark's confident they do exactly what he wants, and what he wants are pickups that work hard and sound great.

Das Modell ist als Bridge- und als Neckversion erhältlich.

Mark likes a thick sound in the bridge position, but he doesn't want the lows to be muddy, and he needs the pickup to have fast response to pick attack. We accomplished this with a combination of coils wound for a warm tone and a ceramic magnet for speed. Mark uses a good amount of amp gain, so the pickup output is medium to keep the sound big for both solos and chords. Mark also asked for a good split-coil sound, and the Dominion™ has that, as well.

Mark's primary requirements for the neck pickup are that it coordinate with the bridge position and produce a well-balanced, clean sound. The Dominion™ Neck model is a little hotter than a typical vintage humbucker, and it has more edge and speed, to keep up with the Dominion™ Bridge model. Mark favors a thick amp sound, so the Dominion™ Neck model has a good amount of presence for definition and focus.

Hier gleich ein Review von Ultimate-Guitar:

Content Richness: It provides all of the chunky goodness I was expecting from a pickup with the name Dominion. I also enjoyed the accented mids. I always like to boost the mids a bit on my rig, but I don't need to with this one. The Dominion has an extremely punchy response, but is also smooth and warm. The highs are very singing and sweet while still retaining the low punch. These will be available in the typical DiMarzio color choices, and I love my black/purple version. I always use tons of gain when recording and playing - so this baby fit right in with my sound tastes. I love that the mids are higher than most humbuckers and I don't have to adjust amp or mixer dials to find the sweet spot - it has a natural sweet spot! I love this pickup so much, that I'm going to snatch up some more when they hit the market and dump them in some of my other Ibanez guitars. I'm really anxious to try out the neck version of the Dominion. A full audio review will be available on the Product Reviews page of my blog here. // 10
Style: It's built to last - just like all other DiMarzios. It will last forever! // 10
Impression: The UPS truck just dropped this little monster yesterday, Feb 3 2012 - straight from Larry DiMarzio. They are not available to purchase yet, but I was able to get one to do a review. Luckily, I was able to get a purple/black version. I quickly installed this in my Ibanez RG-760. After adjusting the pickup height to my liking - I immediately began to put the Dominion through it's paces. I ran the guitar into my Ibanez SD9 distortion pedal and into my mixing board. The first thing I wanted to do was to crank it and go heavy... And boy, that's what this baby is! I could not get enough of it. It is nice and heavy with a great mid boost. In fact, it has more mids than most pickups.

I immediately fell in love with the Dominion - it is my new best buddy. It just begs to be played heavy. I couldn't resist chugging on the intro to "Balls To The Wall". Then, I went through some old Dokken tunes, "When Heaven Comes Down" and "Kiss Of Death". After getting my fix of the amazing crunch this pickup delivers, I was curious to see how it performed in the clean department. I ran the RG-760 straight into my mixer and added a bit of chorus and reverb. Again - I was pleasantly surprised. The Dominion not only does what one would expect with a name like that, but also cleans up very nicely. After trying out the clean side of the Dominion, I just had to get back to the crunchy goodness this thing is made for. This time, I tried it through my Wampler Plextortion pedal and then my Wampler SLOstortion. I was not disappointed!

I can coax that chunky Metallica chugga chugga chugga out of it, too. The best mix I came up with was to adjust my mixer EQ settings to: highs - 2 o'clock, mid - flat, low - 3 o'clock, and added a touch of reverb. Bottom line? This pickup sounds like it was wound just for me! It sounds like a combination of a DiMarzio Tone Zone and Breed all in one. It has that great bottom end of a Tone Zone and the warm smoothness of a Breed. I've been a DiMarzio fan for many moons, and have several different DiMarzio combos in all 36 of my Ibanez guitars - this one is at the top of my list. I swear - it sounds like the pickup I would have had custom made! // 10

Viel Spaß damit und Rock on!
Knorke Sache. :)

- wie gut, dass die Texte nicht übersetzt wurden :D!
- weiß jemand etwas über den Gleichstromwiderstand und die Resonanzfrequenz der Dominions?
- ich spiele mit dem Gedanken, mir ein Paar zum Testen zu ordern.

Michael Bär;5757331 schrieb:
- weiß jemand etwas über den Gleichstromwiderstand und die Resonanzfrequenz der Dominions?

Wiring: 4 conductor
Magnet: Ceramic
Output mV: 360
DC Resistance: 16.50K ohms

Wiring: 4 conductor
Magnet: Ceramic
Output mV: 290
DC Resistance: 8.39K ohms

Darum sind ja die Links eingefügt. Einfach klicken und die Info kommt...
Ich erhoffe mir viel von den pickups. Werd die auch ordern sobald sie verfügbar sind.
Darum sind ja die Links eingefügt. Einfach klicken und die Info kommt...

So ging's doch auch, dankeschön :).

Nur eine Resonanzfrequenz finde ich da leider nicht. Der Output ist vergleichbar mit den Duncan Distortions, abgesehen vom Halspickup, der hier deutlich schwächer ausfällt. Das könnte sich positiv auf den Clean-Betrieb auswirken, vielleicht aber auch negativ wegen der Lautstärkedifferenz.
Schaun mer mal.

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