Germany - long way home

von D!xXx, 09.04.07.

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    Ich wollte euch noch einen Song, der meiner Feder entstammt, näherbringen und mal so hören (oder lesen:rolleyes: ) wie ihr ihn so findet. Ich bin gespannt auf eure Antworten.

    Germany – long way home

    You want to hear a story? (so listen)
    My land is full of glory… (once again)
    We acquit our guilt
    Our state rebuilt… (and now we proud can sing together)

    My first love song isn’t about a woman
    I tell you everything I can
    Great Germany we want you
    That sweet home country
    Germany I love you so much
    Just here you can feel the magical touch
    It’s about my nation, the country I wanna stay
    What have I more to say? (Let’s go play)

    Oh…Ger-ma-ny - how can I give you what you gave me?
    There’s no better place to live
    Oh…Ger-ma-ny – where my dreams come true…ooh…u…u
    I will always love you…u

    Little, nice Germany, the place where I was born
    Best country of the world, that’s what I think for my own
    All my friends (…and fa-mi-ly) lives here
    We’re known for our beer
    If you think Germany isn’t cool
    I just can say you’re a fool
    I love my country that’s no lie
    Germany you won’t pass by


    Big citys, many forests, beautiful sky
    There’s a wonderful nature – I wish I could fly
    Germany – the nation where the peace rules
    I’m right – my country is just cool
    We’re not a big nation… but our football is great
    That’s what I wanted to tell about our state
    Now decide for your own
    In Germany you’ll never be alone


    Yeah…Germany…you know we all love you

    p.s. die Sachen, die ich ihn die Klammern geschrieben habe, sollen (in meiner Idee) von einem Co-Sänger gesungen werden.
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