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Ok, hier stelle ich einfach mal die Lyrics rein, die mehrere Leute bereits gelesen hatten und die allesamt in den letzten 2 Wochen entstanden sind.

1. We are the young

Stepping out of the growling mass
Ready for the next attack
Fear the resolution in their eyes
We kneeled down to severe gazes
Now we´re walking through the haze
Hear us shouting out our battle cry

We are the young, we´ll find no rest
We´ll build the walls of future lands
We are the young, we are the ones
Who´ll suffer for crimes you laid in our arms

We were told to praise the old
Though many older souls were sold
To ignorance, hatred and despite
Breaking out of moral cells
We ain´t getting close to hell
And who are you to restrict our minds?


We were born to lead this fight
So our ideals will survive
Come and join the crowd
All our rivals switched the sides
Don´t confront the youngster might
You can´t stop us, cause we´re getting loud


2. Get out

Is it you, when someone´s spoking through my head?
My torpid legs don´t dare the salvific step
Driving weak flesh mad, when
You´re tearing blinded hearts apart

Are you still there? You keep hunting helpless souls
You spoil my air, I´m defenseless, you´re the crow
Put on your wicked smile, your deceiving eyes
Your laughter after you have done your part

Get out, (Get out, get out!) you can´t hide
Get out of my life, out of my mind
Get out, I took too much of your flesh
Get out, I´ll crash your black fake lover´s pride

Outta my sight, your look could melt an isle of ice
But your desire will soon freeze dreamlands set on fire, so
I found the thread, but it lead to your bed
Take me over, I´ll start losing ground

Get out, (Get out, get out!), cause I´ll fight
Get out, I´ll strike to burst your lies
You´re sly fluid fancies fill my minds
Aah, aah
Get out, (Get out, get out!), you can´t hide
Get out of my life, out of my mind
Get out and I´ll spare your pride, ooh

Never be lovely, you´re taught to be bad
Possess my body, but my loving is dead
Born to have you, born to hate you
I´m not sure

Get out of my sight
Won´t raise your winning score
Out of my life, I ain´t
Screaming for some more, no!


3. Reload!

Grinning steal caused cushioned screams, massive molochs hunt the weak
Errant hatred stained your home
Pushed through flames to deal out pain, they stuck rage into your veins
One more puppet sent out to reload

Blue blooded man sleeps save at home, blaze emissions burning souls
Masters laughing gently pull the strings
Buried by a mount of corpses, searching for the anger source
Pumped dry all the springs, you have served your kings

Killing spread (Reload!), dashing death (Reload!)
Blood has drowned the sun (Reload!), tongues are beaten dumb (Reload!)
Dreadful price (Reload!), rip out lives (Reload!)
Black and white are blurring in your sight
Reload! Reload! Reload!
Reload! Reload! Reload!

Every hope for ransom leaves, you´re behind creation wheels
Taking what you never gave
Spilled all scruples, things go wrong, playing games that can´t be won
At your feet´s a riven thread


Tied down to opression, living in obsession
Smash ´em down! Reload!
Tied down to aggression, living in repression
Smash ´em down! Reload!


4. Jesus

Bloody visions, supervision, walking a thousand ways
Fanatism, superstition and unions for one day
So the sun goes down over screaming crowds
And lands of broken hope

Jesus! Son of God, send your rain of love
Jesus! Died to set us free
But are you there for me?
Are you there for me?

Every sin is exculpated, ready to survive
When four horsemen riding with the wind of ruth
Will come to take our lives
Terror, laughter, heroes, masters, when we wet our swords
We´re far enough to crush the world with the power of one word

Jesus! Son of God, send your rain of love
Jesus! Died to set us free
But are you there for me?
Are you there for me?
Jesus! Send your rain of love
To an earth that´s ruled by sin
Jesus! Are you there for me?
It´s dark inside me, dark inside me

Jesus! Can´t you hear me, saviour? I´ve been praying
Jesus! Give your love to me, I´m still praying
Jesus! Are you there for me, when I need you?
Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!
Once I swore to pray till the end of days
But sturdiest faith will sway
If nothing that you prayed for crossed your way


5. Homicidal mania

You thankless, you brainless, you feckless, little stinker
Don´t trifle with me
You grossly-grown, mean spawn, you thick thorn
I´ll trifle with you
Terminal persistence (We!)
Walk your ceaseless distance (Don´t!)
Maverick existence (Like!)
That you

Homicidal mania, don´t you tread my area
Just in case of failure, I´m a living dead
Homicidal mania, running time bomb carrier
I will cause hysteria, cap your heads
Chalk up your criteria, making me inferior
Unabached harrier, breaking through the barrier
Freak, disordered freak

Homicidal mania

You idiot, you quaker, you asshole, you wanker
Who loves you?
Who likes you? Bestows you? Who meets you? Who knows you?
Not me
Your inane ambitions (We!)
Strengthens your decision (Don´t!)
Sharpen your precision (Like!)
This you


You´re our black sheep, freak
Homicidal mania

Multi-kill, soldier, quit the game!
Multi-kill, soldier, quit the game!
Multi-kill, lunatic, now quit the game
Quit the game now, quit the game!
Freak, you feckless, spawn, you thankless
Quit the game, quit the game!
Can´t quit, quit, quit, quit the game!
You´re done, freak

So, dann noch ein älterer (meine älteren Sachen find ich persönlich nicht soo dolle...)

6. Sometimes every life is a bitch

My memory is loading
My suitcase sitting packed on my bed
Above my morning glory
You´re staring like a stick insect
I got no time to ask, I got no time to pray
You wouldn´t listen even if I said I was gay

Put away that pitchfork
What the hell is going on?
And you tell me: hey, you asshole
I don´t need no Don Juan
Yesterday I saw you lickin round with some chick
So you better do a runner or you know where I´ll hit

No matter what you´re trying
Sometimes you can´t stop your pretty tongue from lying
(Sometimes you will smell so bad some girl´be dying)
So every day I gotta remind me
That sometimes every life is a bitch
Aha, aha, sometimes every life is a bitch

Standing outdoors
In sweet magenta underpants
Just a rusty razor blade
And a half-full magnum in my hands
What a nice blue sky
You shouldn´t be deprived
But then: (ouch!) some missile hits me/ Hey, my suitcase has arrived


Keeps hurting me so badly, no wonder I feel sick
When she keeps on talking: Sadly, my dear boy is a dick

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jo mann,
sind die texte jetzt von euch ??
wenn ja wäre dass echt nich schlecht, wenn nich aber auch,
was magsten so am löiebsten(von der art her an texten),
ichm schreib auch texte für meine band ab und zu aber zb um über liebe zu schreiben find ich kacke weil wenn man darüber schreibt muss das meiner meinung nach auch aus seiner eigenen vergangenheit sprechen..
und dafür bin ich etwas jung(14) find ich.
ich schreib meistens so inner art wie zb white stripes weil die texte rocken echt
ps ein lied von uns heist auch get out
war freitag greenday concert und die ham auch geile texte,
metal up your ass :twisted:
Registrierter Benutzer
Zuletzt hier
Ja, die sind alle von mir.
Ich orientiere mich an verschiedenen geilen Texten wie den Texten von Metallica, Nirvana, Robbie Williams, Bruce Springsteen etc.
Registrierter Benutzer
Zuletzt hier
du luci....über liebe schreiben find ich auch net sooo schwer.....probiers doch einfach ma:)
Registrierter Benutzer
Zuletzt hier

mal abgesehen von Jesus und Sometimes Life is a bitch, hab ich ja schon zu jedem Text was gesagt.
'Jesus' hat was,aber ich mag keine religiösen Texte.
Liegt einfach an mir, ich bin unreligiös und hör oder les dann halt auch nich gern Texte, die das Thema in irgeneiner Weise behandeln.Meistens auch nicht die anti-christlichen, wobei die oft noch besser sind.
(Sind halt oft einfach wie gute Gesellschaftskritik, also beissend und gut
Trotzdem is das ne ganze nette Version der Apokalypse, auch wenn in der Hinsicht nix neues gesagt wird ( in dem Text).
'Sometimes life is a bitch' beschreibt authentisch eine alltägliche Situation.
Man kann sich richtig schön vorstellen wie er rausgeschmissen wird (ouch!- my suitcase arives:)).
Aber ich verstehe nicht ob 'Life is a bitch' sich darauf bezieht, dass er erwischt wurde oder darauf, dass Typen manchmal einer hübschen Frau (life) einfach nicht wiederstehen können.



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