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von vridda, 17.08.07.

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    So, das hier wär son Text, wo ich mir bisher eigtl nur in bezug auf die Grundaussage sicher bin, wie sie ausfallen soll..

    stands for all the liars
    who said it misleadingly
    for all the betrayers
    who never knew how it feels

    for all the losses
    they are causing
    and all the mourning
    in the morning

    For all the lives
    that were wasted
    with all the tries
    willing to find it

    stands for the obsession
    with what people ignore
    things which are at least worth mentioning
    and turn themselves into a fucking whore

    Occasioning all these losses
    they can never seem to find what they want
    with finding only heartache and divorces
    this thing they need is nearly dead and gone

    stands for the violence
    in which it can degenerate
    then it escalates itself
    and ends up in anger and hate

    stands for the exaggeration
    with what its significance is told
    famous people generate haste
    themed `before we get too old`

    For the establishment
    which tells you who to love
    for the media
    which tells you when to love
    for your friends
    who tell you why you gotta love

    But well, all in all
    fuck what i said above.

    das mit dem mourning/morning ist ja an sich nen doppelreim, aber dann ja auch irgendwie wieder nid, von daher bin ich mir jetzt nid sicher, ob man das irgendwie vertretbar machen kann oder ob das einfach nur mist is (so wie der rest vom text ^_^ )
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