Zusammenspiel Holz-Elektrik (Englischer Artikel)

von hoss, 26.09.04.

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    Hier ein sehr guter Artikel aus dem Les Paul Forum zum Thema "primäre" und "sekundäre" Klangentstehung in E-Gitarren.

    No amount of fiddling about can change the guitars PRIMARY TONE.

    Every guitar has a primary and secondary tone. The Primary tone is the acoustic tone of the guitar and is evident unplugged. It is the sum of the wood, build and setup. This is why things like type of wood, wood stiffness in the neck, neck joint, angles and pitches are so important and why we go on about them so much.

    Secondary tone is from the caps, pots, string composition and pickups. All these things work with the primary tone to create the overal voice of the guitar. If the primary voice is bright (a Biter to use my term), it will allways be bright.
    If the primary tone is dark, (a Moaner), it will allways be dark. You can shift things a bit with pickups and such, but remember pickups work with the tone they are supplied with.

    It is a common misconception that simple electronics or pickup swaps will drasticly alter the tonality of a Les Paul. This is not true and it is the reason why putting all vintage hardware and electronics in a new guitar will not transform it's tone into a vintage 50's clone.
    Taking all the electronics from one guitar and switching them to another will not yeild the same results in each guitar for the same reason.

    Secondary tone works on the primary tone. Even active pickups such as EMGs can only reproduce the tone that is supplied by the vibrating string. Yes they can boost highs, but only the high frequency already present in the strings vibration. You cannot add any frequencies not generated by the strings in any of these schemes.
    You can sculpt EQ, and remove offending frequencies, (I find a parametric EQ ideal for this purpose), still too much either way results in unnatural tones.

    It is missleading and wrong IMO to put forth the notion that wiring or pups will drasticly alter the voice of the individual guitar.

    No such remedy exists that I have ever seen.

    Yes you can fine tune and enhance your guitars primary tone with intelligent well thought out mods, and the results can be stunning. Still you cannot transform the primary tone, it remains.

    I would agree that good components can open the tone up, and that a real improvement can be gained, just that the nature of the beast will always be what it is.
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