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Auch mal n paar Texte von mir

von Plainshift, 20.12.04.

  1. Plainshift

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    Erstellt: 20.12.04   #1
    Hallo leute!
    Hier ein paar Texte von mir. Sind teilweise recht kurz, aber das war das Schwierigste am Ganzen... Kürzen ist schwieriger als neu hinzudichten!
    Viel Spaß beim Lesen (oder fallt wenigstens nicht in Ohnmacht angesichts dieser geistigen Ergüsse. :D)

    Achja, vorab ein Wort: Die Anordnung von Verse/Chorus etc. ist noch nicht fest, alle Songs werden (hoffentlich) noch von meiner Band vertont und daher wissen wir noch nicht, wie viele Parts vom Text wir brauchen werden.

    1. WAY TO GO

    We are young, young and reckless
    Enjoying every minute
    Young and foolish, living for today
    If you feel done with all that you´ve loved
    You should know you´re not alone
    Few wounds never heal at all

    2x CHORUS:
    Don´t waste your time with needless moaning
    Life tastes so fine, just keep it growing
    Everyone on earth has got a different way to go

    All we have is our pride
    We believe, if we can´t see
    In a world where so many start to grieve
    All we know is the truth
    How to make some peace, if those could dare
    Who´s filled with hate and that last dispair


    When good times start, they´re always easy
    Fool yourself, you´re blind for love
    And I really liked to please her
    Though it sometimes really sucked
    If she´s stinking like a pig and her conk is pretty big
    You don´t care, when you could fall in love

    I still hate you, I hate you
    Can´t forget the things you did to me, babe, last summer
    I just hope that someone´ll hit you
    Into your, deep into your, deep into your... heart!

    I buyed her flowers
    Finest lady, here you are
    She didn´t even smell them
    Willing to have a shining star
    One summer day, she ran away
    I had no trace
    Guess she liked some long things in her face


    My memory is loading
    My suitcase sitting packed on my bed
    Above my morning glory
    You´re staring like a stick insect
    I got no time to ask, I got no time to pray
    You wouldn´t listen even if I said I was gay

    Put away that pitchfork
    What the hell is going on?
    And you tell me: hey, you asshole
    I don´t need no Don Juan
    Yesterday I saw you lickin round with some chick
    So you better do a runner or you know where I´ll hit

    No matter what you´re trying
    Sometimes you can´t stop your pretty tongue from lying
    (Sometimes you will smell so bad some girl´be dying)
    So every day I gotta remind me
    That sometimes every life is a bitch
    Aha, aha, sometimes every life is a bitch

    Keeps hurting me so badly, no wonder I feel sick
    When she keeps on talking: Sadly, my dear boy is a dick

    Standing outdoors
    In sweet magenta underpants
    Just a rusty razor blade
    And a half-full magnum in my hands
    What a nice blue sky
    You shouldn´t be deprived
    But then: (ouch!) some missile hits me/ Hey, my suitcase has arrived

    4. HEY BOY!

    There´s heavy load behind your back
    Behind your smile´s a heart-attack
    Pretend you´re tough, pretend you´re right
    But in the end you´ll lose your fight
    Bikes and sharks, you´ll take a bite
    You´ll play your part to join their nights
    A wicked kid, without a toy
    A leather-skinned, drunken lover boy

    Hey, hey, hey, hey boy, you´re driving on the wild side
    Hey, hey, hey, hey boy, the streets can see their meat
    Hey, hey, hey, hey boy, you´re driving on the wild side
    Hey, hey, hey, hey boy, aye!

    Do you still know me, we´ve been friends
    So shy and smart, ´fore you lost your sense
    Your grin is fake, you fear the past
    But someone looked behind your mask
    You win the girls, you rule the boys
    But I can hear the doubt that hides inside your voice
    You sniff and pop, you shout and ride
    You´re only 21, but you look like 45


    I say I fought too hard to give up a love that´s burning out
    Let´s start anew, with my hands on you tonight we´ll reborn

    Put down all your walls, ain´t here to stitch the wounds of pride
    I heard your call, you´ll die of sleepless nights
    I´d run back time, lead us to a common way
    You´ll go blind, if you want me to get away

    I say I fought too hard to give up a love that´s burning out
    Let´s start anew, with my hands on you tonight we´ll reborn
    I fought too hard to believe that nothing´s left for us to share
    A turnaround´d make your heart fade out, tonight I gotta stay
    I fought too hard

    Push back all our lies, the memories of painful days gone by
    Can´t stand this freeze, it´s time to raise a fight

    Push back all our lies, the memories of broken-hearted smiles
    Pretend you live, but I can see you die


    I got no money, no future plans
    Lack perspective and common sense
    I´m told I´m cool, told I´m smart
    So I´m gonna play the wicked part #

    Attempts to change me, all in vain
    If you had the guts you´ll do the same
    I´m fucking tired, I´m fucking sick
    I´m not another ill bred kid, man

    I won´t go to school
    I won´t go to school
    Studies suck so I don´t give a fuck
    I won´t go to school

    Call me wanker, call me a rat
    Someday I´ll get into every bed
    A grinning winner with open eyes
    I won´t hear your good advice

    2x I won´t go to school...

    No I don´t give a fuck, whoa!

    1x I won´t go to school...

    That´s doping for ego
    It´s gonna feed your heart
    If you won´t say a word
    They´ll beat you to a pulp

    2x I won´t go to school...
  2. cherry~lips

    cherry~lips Registrierter Benutzer

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    Kirchbach (Kaff)/ Graz
    Erstellt: 29.12.04   #2
    Ich finde deine texte wirklich gut!
    ein paar fehler haben sich eingeschlichen - aber so was liegt in meiner natur das sofort zu bemerken - sorry

    ich glaub, du hast dir einiges dabei gedacht und sie sind auch aus deinen persönlichen erlebnissen entstanden?
    find ich gut

    keep on writing

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