Eine kleine Songauswahl nach Genre sortiert....

von Spieleinlied, 05.12.07.

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    Eine kleine Songauswahl nach Genre sortiert....

    Ich hab mir mal eine Auswahl an Songs von Bands aus jedem Genre zusammengestellt (jaja die Langeweile) für alle die neu in den Metal eingestiegen sind oder auch mal was anderes hören wollen ausser Children of Bodom.;) Das soll keine Bestenliste sein sondern einfach eine kleine Orientierung. Klar das einige Band nicht aufgeführt sind auch wenn sie für die entsprechenden Genres wichtig sind aber sonst wirds zu voll und die Bands endeckt man bei Interesse eh. Es ist auch klar das Band X auch im Genre B stehen kann, oder heut nicht mehr zu Genre A gezählt wird etc. pp.

    Für Ratschläge sowie Songtipps für Genres die noch nicht so gefüllt sind bin ich sehr dankbar auch wenn ihr mich auf tote Links etc. hinweisst.

    Viel Spass beim stöbern...

    Heavy Metal

    Accept - Balls To The Wall
    Judas Priest - Hell Bent for Leather
    Ozzy Osbourne - Diary of A Madman
    Black Sabbath - Die Young
    Armored Saint - Reign of Fire
    U.D.O. - The Wrong Side Of Midnight
    King Diamond - The Family Ghost
    Pretty Maids - Savage Heart
    Manowar - Brothers of Metal
    Bruce Dickinson - The Tower

    Hair/Glam Metal

    W.A.S.P. - I Wanna Be Somebody
    Twisted Sister - Burn in hell
    Quiet Riot - Mama Were All Crazee Now
    Mötley Crüe - Wildside
    Guns'N'Roses-November Rain

    New Wave of British Heavy Metal

    Saxon - Killing Ground
    Satan - Blades Of Steel
    Raven - Mind over Metal
    Girlschool - Fox On The Run
    Iron Maiden - Be Quick or be Dead
    Angel Witch - Angel Witch
    Tygers Of Pan Tang - Raised On Rock
    Diamond Head - Am I Evil?
    Samson - Biceps of Steel
    Iron Maiden - Women in Uniform

    New Wave Of American Heavy Metal

    Chimaira - Nothing Remains
    Lamb Of God - Laid To Rest
    DevilDriver - Hold Back The Day

    Power Metal

    Stratovarius - Eagleheart
    Metal Church - Mirror of Lies
    Jag Panzer - The Silent
    Iced Earth - Dracula
    Edguy - All the Clowns
    Blind Guardian - Mirror Mirror
    Hammerfall - Hammerfall
    Nevermore - The River Dragon
    Rhapsody - Rain of a Thousand Flames
    Sonata Arctica - Dont Say Word

    Speed Metal

    Agent Steel - Bleed for the Godz
    Exciter - Rain of Terror
    Accept - Fast as a Shark
    Blind Guardian - Welcome To Dying
    Helloween - Twilight Of the Gods
    Anvil - Jackhammer
    Racer X - Superheroes

    Symphonic Metal

    Nightwish - Dark Chest Of Wonders
    Therion - Summernight City
    Epica - Sensorium
    Within Temptation - Mother Earth
    Edenbridge - Starlight Reverie
    After Forever - Emphasis
    On Thorns I Lay - Aura
    Kamelot - Ghost Opera
    Xandria - Ravenheart
    Dark Moor - Before The Duel

    Epic Metal

    Cirith Ungol - King Of The Dead
    Cirith Ungol - Master Of The Pit
    Manilla Road - The Riddle Master

    Black Metal

    Celtic Frost - Jewel Throne
    Mercyful Fate - The Witches Dance
    Hellhammer - Buried and Forgotten
    Bathory - Enter the Eternal Fire
    Venom - Welcome to Hell
    Desaster - Teutonic Steel

    Norwegian Black Metal

    Mayhem - Deathcrush
    Emperor - I Am The Black Wizards
    Gorgoroth - Revelation Of Doom
    Burzum - War
    Immortal - Grim and Frostbitten Kingdoms
    Darkthrone - Transilvanian Hunger
    Marduk - Steel Inferno
    Satyricon - Mother North
    1349 - Sculptor of Flesh

    Dark Metal

    Dimmu Borgir - Progenies of the great Apocalypse
    Eisregen - Elektro Hexe
    Bethlehem - Tagebuch einer Totgeburt
    Cradle Of Filth - Mannequin
    Graveworm - Awating the Shining
    Siebenbürgen - Majesties Infernal

    Thrash Metal

    Exodus - War is my Sheppard
    Sodom - Nuclear Winter
    Metallica - Creeping Death
    Kreator - Riot of Violence
    Death Angel - Bored
    Megadeth - Wake Up Dead
    Sacred Reich - Independent
    Sepultura - Dead Embryonic Cells
    Slayer - Seasons In The Abyss
    Overkill - Elimination
    Sadus - Certain Death
    Pantera - Domination
    Soulfly - Frontlines
    Machine Head - Davidian

    Death/Thrash Metal

    The Absence - From your Grave
    The Haunted - The Flood
    Hatesphere - The Sickness Within
    Legion of the Damned - Death's Head March

    Death Metal

    Death - The Philosopher
    Deicide - Homage for Satan
    Cannibal Corpse - Sentenced To Burn
    Vader - This Is The War
    Bolt Thrower - When Cannons Fade
    Suffocation - Abomination Reborn
    Nile - Execration Text
    Autopsy - Ridden With Disease
    Morbid Angel- Where the Slime
    Katakylsm - As I Slither
    Bloodbath - Eaten

    Melodic Death Metal

    Amon Amarth - Death in Fire
    In Flames - Crawl Through Knives
    Hypocrisy - Roswell 47
    At The Gates - Blinded By Fear
    Wintersun - Beyond the Dark Sun
    Dark Tranquility - Monochromatic Stains
    Soilwork - Light the Torch
    Nighrage - Scathing
    The Duskfall - Shoot It In
    Arch Enemy - Nemesis


    Carcass - Incarnated Solvent Abuse

    Nasum- Scoop

    Extreme Noise Terror - Murder
    Terrorizer - Corporation Pull-In
    Napalm Death - Silence Is Deafening
    Brutal Truth - Collateral Damage
    Napalm Death - Scum

    Doom Metal

    Candlemass - Bewitched
    Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
    Cathedral - Hopkins (The Witchfinder General)
    Solitude Aeturnus - Waiting For The Light
    Saint Vitus - One Mind
    Type O Negative - Wolf Moon
    My Dying Bride - Deeper Down
    Electric Wizard - Dopethrone

    Post Metal/Sludge

    Isis - The Beginning and the End
    Cult of Luna - Finland
    Pelican - City of Echoes
    Pelican - March into the Sea
    Neurosis - Locust Star
    Russian Circles - Carpe
    Jesu - Walk on Water
    Made out of Babies - Swarm
    Red Sparowes - Alone and Unaware....
    The Ocean - Queen of the Food Chain

    Drone Doom

    Sunn o))) - Orthodox Caveman Drone
    Sunn o))) - Sin Nanna/Bathory Erzsebet/walk on
    Fear Falls Burning - N/A
    Fear Falls Burning - Another Live Drone

    Progressive Metal

    Queensrÿche - Suite Sister Mary
    Fates Warning - Anarchy Divine
    Psychotic Waltz - My Grave
    Watchtower - The Eldritch
    Vanden Plas - Lodic Rain
    Pain of Salvation - Ashes
    Symphony X - Serpent's Kiss
    Tool - Schism
    Dream Theater - The Dark Eternal Night

    Alternative Metal / Nu Metal / Crossover

    Slipknot - Duality
    Korn - Blind
    Body Count - Born Dead
    System of a Down - War?
    Kittie - Brackish
    Mushroomhead - Solitaire Unraveling
    Soil - Halo
    Anthrax & Public Enemy - Bring The Noise
    Faith no More - Epic
    Clawfinger - Out to get me
    Coal Chamber - Loco
    Mudvayne - Death Blooms

    Industrial Metal

    Strapping Young Lad - Love?
    Ministry Jesus built my Hotrod
    Die Krupps - Fatherland
    Devin Townsend - Christeen
    White Zombie - Welcome To Planet Motherfucker
    Fear factory - Slave Labor
    Godflesh - Slavestate


    As I Lay Dying - Forever
    Unearth - Endless
    Parkway Drive - Smoke Em if Ya Got Em
    I Killed The Prom Queen - Say Goodbye
    Caliban - The Beloved and the Hatred
    August Burns Red - Composure
    Killswitch Engage - Rose Of Sharyn
    Bleeding Through - Kill To Believe
    Maroon - Wake Up In Hell
    Atreyu - Her Portrait in Black
    36 Crazyfists - I'll Go Until My Heart Stops
    Avanged Sevenfold - Unholy confessions


    All Shall Perish - Eradication
    Job For A Cowboy - Entombment of A Machine
    Bring Me The Horizon - Pray for Plagues
    The Red Chord - Fixation On Plastics
    As Blood Runs Black - Brighter Side of Suffering
    Suicide Silence - The Price Of Beauty
    Carnifex - Lie To My Face
    Belay My Last - One More Foot In The Grave
    Despised Icon - In The Arms Of Perdition

    Wegen des Arbeitsaufwands würde ich euch bitten, nur noch Beiträge mit Links zu posten.

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