forever and a day

von Officer Down, 16.04.08.

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    ever and a day

    Forever and day
    As long as i will Stay
    Remember The Words i say
    My love wont fade away

    Forever and a Week
    As long as i will breath
    As long as you will reach
    My love will nerver leave

    Forever and a Month
    As long as it will count
    A day a Week a year
    My love will still Be here

    Forever and a Year
    As long as i will feel
    From Illness to The Cure
    My love is only yours

    Forever and a life
    My love will always rise
    Up to heaven - back to earth
    My love will Be The sweetest Curse

    Forever and a Day
    As long god wants me to Prey
    Im still counting The days
    My love Aint faded away
    Forever and a day
    Forever it shall Be

    All my life i reached for this
    To find someone like you
    I counted days to find
    And now that im finished Yet
    I wont believe my bride
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