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inbetween day and light

von dave1, 27.06.08.

  1. dave1

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    you're here to strip the thread, they've said
    to pull me out and push me harder
    they've never meant it bad
    at this time, I'm the loser

    there was a man who seeked his own life, they've said
    stuck in pride, lost in conceptions he was
    they never really cared about
    but now, he's coming back

    where's the difference between day and night?
    I can't distinguish the light from the dark
    strip it off, struggle it down, get out of my sight
    what have you done? what have I become?

    as my blade strikes with awe
    and my eyes are burnin yours
    the night engulfs the light
    as your touch consumes my skin
    you're reopening old sores


    Do you dare to question?
    Yes man, it's allright
    you don't have to blame yourself
    in dreams your wishes are becoming reality
    it might darken your eyes when you've lost your fantasy

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