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Like the Ocean in sunrise

von Officer Down, 16.04.08.

  1. Officer Down

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    Like the ocean in sunrise!!!!

    Turn on tv
    And i nearly cant breath
    Cause all i can see
    Are the things i fear
    And i wont hear
    Their screams
    They Sound so near

    Looks like the ocean
    In the sunrise
    If the streets with blood are flooded
    And the innocent die

    Watch pieces of meat
    fly throught the air
    tattered by grenades
    it was a father
    or mother
    or both on a prank
    Can you hear
    The children whisper
    the names
    Of their families
    Their friends
    Their life in unguilt

    The innocent
    Get all the Pain
    To care the load Of war
    To the Destination
    Of the stronger nation
    Havent you learned anything
    From all these wars before
    Or if it lays
    In the nature of humanity
    To exterminate themselves

    And so the streets fill up with blood
    So red as Ocean in sunrise
    How mankind turns away her Look
    When all these people die
    And i slowly start to cry
    i wont hear their screams
    Not yet
    Not tomorrow
    Never - Ever
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