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Hey, hier ein Song über Bipolare Störung. Hatte leider nur meinen Laptop zur Verfügung zum Aufnehmen. Die Songstruktur steht und untermalt den Text. Und er macht sehr viel spaß zu spielen, da er so abwechslungsreich ist. Der Text ist in der Aufnahme noch ein anderer. Hab dazu die Gitarre auf 432hz gestimmt, um mal was anderes auszuprobieren, seher interessantes Gefühl. Die Gitarre schwinkt anders und das Singen fühlt sich auch anders an.

Bin gespannt auf eure Meinungen, euer Feedback und eure Anmerkungen ;)


I feel something in my head.
I’m electric and I’m glad.
Rivers of thoughts
running through my head.

Well you can not follow my flow.
I’m talking all night long.
I’m a genius, almighty, touchy,
destructive, belligerent, restless and strong.

The torture in my mind lifts me up and cuts down,serenity is not allowed-I’m a maniac.

Voices in my head.
I turn your inside out
Rivers of blood flowing all around-restless confidence.

The battery is on, you suffer all night long.
You crawfor me where ever i, where ever i want.

I feel nothing in my chest.
suddenly filled with emptiness.
I’m numb and dumb.
I want drown in rivers of my tears.
I’ll hurt you cuz I’ll hurt me.
I’m afraid to be
I’ll drag you down right with me.
why wont you see?
There is no possibility.
To safe me

Something is wrong with me i don’t know.
My mind is instable. I’‘m afraid and worn.
Living along with madness is not fun.
You can’t understand cuz non of us.

Yeah you are non of us

What I am? An empty sick soul on the sea.
I’m a creep and crazy, I’ll make you bleed.
It feels so good inside me i will repeat.
the wish to die is my cloak, my invisible need.

I feel something in my brain.
I’m electric suddenly gay.
I live it all the way
there is nothing you can say

The torture in my mind lifts me up and cuts down. Please hang me out to dry.

Voices in my head.
I turn your inside out.
Rivers of blood flowing all around-restless confidence

The battery is on, you screaming all night long
You dance for me what ever I want, what ever I want.

the chainsaw cries loud you’re afraid without a doubt.
It will be over soon trust me just be patitent

A bullet in your head you’re quite and now I am glad.
You’ll be here for me when ever I, when ever I want


They cant understand us
These idiots wont accept us

I want to leave you
fuck this cold cruel place
please forgive me
when I’’m gone.

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