Die in Faith

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Hi Leutz
Hier is mein neuestes Werk im Bereich Deathcore
Einfach mal Gedanken dazu schreiben pls :D

Strophe 1 (Shouter 1):
What the fuck is going on,
What are you fighting for,
This world is near to end,
These the last prayers you have to send,
Come on, there is no escape,
Live in grief and DIE IN FAITH.

Refrain (Shouter 2):
But who will save me,
Who will wash me clean,
The sins I have collected,
Will drag me to hell.

Strophe 2 (Shouter 1)
The only Saviour is not god,
Not the eternal happiness,
If you want to live forever,
Let's go to lose our mortality,
No one will give us rules,
So let us go or DIE IN FAITH.

Refrain (Shouter 2)
But who will bless me,
Who will save my soul,
You're not the monarch of Life and Death,
You won't drag me to hell.

Bridge (Abgewechselt wie Dialog)
So that's the way you live your life?
Yes I resist your your Temptation!
That's the way you gonna die?
Yes I resist your Temptation!
That's your way you go to eternity?
Yes I want to DIE IN FAITH.

Refrain (Shouter 2):
Now god will save me,
God will save my soul,
He is the monarch of life and death,
So i'm gonna DIE IN FAITH.

Outro (Shouter 1):
So live in grief and die in grief,
And hope your king will save you,
My life will end in freedom,
No one who give me rules,
Let's go gonna see ya in hell,
I will be my own king!

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