Vinnie Colaiuta spielt neuerdings PAISTE Formula 602 - Cymbals

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Da werden einige Leute den Mund nicht mehr zu kriegen! Vinnie Colaiuta gilt seit Jahrezehnten als einer der weltbesten Drummer. Unter anderem spielt(e) er bei Sting, Backstreet Boys, Gino Vanelli, Lee Ritenour, Billy Joel und unglaublich vielen anderen Top-Acts. Wenn also der Chef den Verein wechselt dann ist das durchaus eine Meldung wert

Hier der Presse-Text (leider zunächst in englisch):

Vinnie Colaiuta joins Paiste
Nottwil/Switzerland - Paiste announces the endorsement of its instruments by Vinnie Colaiuta, the highly regarded Los Angeles based drummer whose collaborations with some of the most important contemporary artists and
extensive session work manifested a stellar career which is heavily sprinkled with abundant awards, and whose
legendary performances and recordings have resulted in deeply awed world-wide peer recognition.
After an extensive period of researching and auditioning the company's instruments, Vinnie began officially playing
Paiste on a recent tour with Sting, with a set of cymbals consisting mostly of Formula 602 models. In the near future Vinnie intends to use predominantly Signature Traditionals models on an upcoming tour with Herbie Hancock.
By way of departing from the more traditional news release format, Paiste chooses instead to herewith provide
Vinnie's own unedited and deeply personal narrative regarding his decision to join Paiste:
"This has been a long process; it hasn't happened overnight. It started at least a year ago. One day I was walking
through the warehouse where my drums were. There was a cymbal stand with a ride cymbal on it, and a hi-hat
stand with hi-hats. I walked over and tapped the cymbal and said to the drum technician, 'what is THIS?' He said,
'that is a Paiste Traditional ride'. It sounded great. I said, 'a WHAT'? I had no idea that Paiste made them. I thought,
'how did I NOT know that these existed, and never heard them'?
I had a notion of Paiste cymbals that was limited, so I was now curious to know more about these cymbals.
Then, by chance just after NAMM 2011 I heard a Twenty Masters series 22"; Dark Ride. Again, I thought 'Paiste
is making this now'? And so I saw this entire range of cymbals that I didn't know about. I played just about all of
them, and I was exposed to this vast range of sounds. I noticed that the 2002's 'felt' different than I thought they
would. Then there were the Giant Beat's. Then the Twenty's. And the Dark Energy's. And of course, the Traditionals. THEN the 602's re-emerged. I thought, 'they re-introduced the 602's again'???!!!
What a brilliant thing to do. To me, that reflected a concern and commitment to SOUND. Because, the 602's are
all about sound. A pure sounding cymbal. SIMPLE, yet just a purely great sounding cymbal. I like the fact that it
merely said, 'medium ride'. That's ALL. Maybe 'medium', 'thin', and 'heavy' are what I remember when they were
available many years ago. Just different sizes and weights, but the fundamental cymbal was what it was. Nothing
more, nothing less. And a pure tone. Paiste has shown a commitment to sound, consistency, and quality, as well
as looking forward.
The other thing is that I was able to categorize the various cymbals in my mind because they are grouped into
'families', which all have a sound function in mind, yet they also overlap. I can mix and match knowing exactly what
my objective is.
I noticed that, for example, the Traditionals had the warm and dark tone that sounds great, but the cymbal never
gets away from you. It just gets louder, to a point. And the articulation is always there. Microphones like that. Because of that, in a live situation I was able to lower the overhead mics, and turn them up so that I could hear the
entire kit better in the overheads, instead of having to only hear the kit from close mics. The sound became more
holistic, more integrated. And, the cymbals themselves didn't control the sound engineer; it was the other way
around. For more information, please contact:
Paiste AG, Kantonsstrasse 2, CH-6207 Nottwil

Paiste News
For Immediate Release - April 2012

When I heard the vast array of Paiste cymbals right in front of me, on a lot of cymbal stands, I realized that they
ALL sounded great, and that none of them were special selected. You could walk to the shelf blindfolded and grab
another and be satisfied.
This is quite important for me. I wouldn't want to have something happen to one of my cymbals thinking that I
couldn't get another one. I can. If I need cymbals somewhere and I can't bring my own, I know exactly what to get,
and I know what they will sound like. For someone like me who is all over the map, this is important.
Basically, it all distilled to, 'the most amount of usable 'sound-great' cymbals, the most amount of occasions, the
most consistent sound and quality'. Paiste fits the bill perfectly. And I like looking forward to playing them";.
Erik Paiste adds: "We are deeply honored
to welcome Vinnie to our artist family.
Vinnie is one of the most important drummers of our time. We are pleased that he
chose us for his cymbals, and for all the
right reasons. That in itself is a humbling
validation for our basic mission, to create
sound of the highest possible fidelity and
reliability to satisfy the world's most brilliant
and uncompromising musicians.
We very much look forward to working with
Vinnie; the creative challenges and future
possibilities of collaborating with him will be
highly invigorating.";
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Habe die Becken jetzt schon öfters auf Messen und in Läden angespielt. ABSOLUT Hammer ! Vor allem das 22" Ride und die 15" Hihat. Die Crashes und das China......"Jawdropping". Der Alte kanns einfach :)
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Thanks for share...

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