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kennt jemand den eastwood club bass (höfner club bass imitat) kostet ca. 450 euro, also einiges günstiger als das höfner original...kann mir jemand sagen, ob das teil etwas taugt? habe keine wirklich vernünftigen infos über den bass finden können.ps:ist ein short scale bass.

grüsse lucas

ach ja so nebenbei: suche einen rickenbacker 4001 oder 4003 bass :D
The Dudepit - Eastwood Club Bass

Vielleicht hilft dir das hier weiter. Grad bei Google entdeckt.

Well the bass is here. Just pulled it out of the box. Packaged pretty well. The finish is nice, a little messy on the bass side at the nut. The binding has a cool yellow aging to it. Plays pretty well unplugged. I'm at work so, can't plug in. Probably gonna make a run home at lunch today. Put the flats on and see how it sounds.
Well I've spent some more time with it. I noticed that when I put the flats on the "wolf tones" on the 5th and 12th fret stood out alot more. I couldn't even play an A note on the E string/5th fret, I always had to go open A. I noticed when I put the roundwound E string back on it was less noticeable. Now I'm guessing only due to the sustain of that roundwound string because I can still hear that hollowness of the note. So for now I left the rw string on there and the rest are flats. Other than that the tone is great, playability is great. My band loved it, and it made our newest song really happen due to it's bitchin old school tone. The tuners on the bass are just ok. I've had some issues with it staying in tune. BTW - sounds best with a pick.

es gibt da nen user namens coolguitars.der weiß da vielleicht mehr drüber. schließlich scheint er bei taranaki-guitars zu arbeiten, und die haben den vielleicht(thread,taranaki-guitars)

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