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    folgendes hab ich im metaltabs-forum gelesen:

    An early Christmas gift
    Posted: December 17, 2005 23:23:32

    Only one week left until Christmas so I decided to give you all a little early Christmas gift from the ex-members of Nasum.

    As you might know (or at least read in this blog) Urban, Jon and I got together in October to write and record some new grind shit. It's not a new band, but a project in the very true sense of the word. We will get together when we have time and continue, hopefully with the addition of Jesper and Rickard so it really is all the ex-Nasum members in a new musical outfit.

    Anyway, we wrote and recorded six songs on my recording equipment and close there after I did a mix that was sent to the other guys. I wasn't really satisfied with this mix (it was more or less the first "real" recording I did) so I wasn't really up for sharing a track or two. But now I've made a new mix that sounds much better, so as an early Christmas gift I give you the complete recording as high quality mp3's!

    The project hasn't got a name yet and should be identified as "Ex-Nasum" until further notice.

    How this was recorded

    I used my recording equipment which is a Laptop with Cubase SX and an external harddrive, an EMU-1616 soundcard, a mic preamp and a set of nice mics.

    The drums were recorded with just six mics (kick, snare, tomtoms (2), overhead (2). We miced the guitars with some vocal mics from the rehearsal room, and since the room is pretty small there was a lot of drums leaking into the guitar mics. The bass was lined into Cubase and I used GuitarRig to get a decent distorted sound.

    In general we didn't do much soundchecking, it's was just a matter of getting sound into Cubase and get cracking, so it's more of a multitrack rehearsal than a proper recording.

    And, as you've probably heard by now, there are no vocals on this recording.

    Hope you like the demo - Merry Christmas in advance!

    Anders Jakobson"

    hab mir das ma alles runtergeladen...
    is echt hammer, zu schade dass der miesko tot ist, der gesang fehlt mir echt:'-(
    naja aber ansonsten erste sahne, der drumsound is beinahe perfekt würd ich sagen...
    und auch sonst passt der eher improvisierte aber trotzdem recht gute sound wesentlich besser zu dem grindgeprügel als die sauberen produktionen der nasumscheiben;)
    und ich kann echt nur sagen dass der drummer verdammt viel besser geworden ist...
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    Bin mal gespannt was da noch so kommt :great:

    Hast schon recht, den Sound find ich eigentlich auch ziemlich geil, vorallem die Drums.
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